This project was a school assignment based on creative concepting, in which a solution needed to be created for a current problem in the form of an interactive product. Because of my interest in tourism, I wanted to find a way to improve travelling for backpackers between the age of 18 and 30 years old. During my research, I went back to the essence of travelling, namely: experiencing new things and making new memories. This created the the foundation for the final concept: Odyssey.

The problem

While travelling, it’s often hard to collect, save and organise all your newly made memories. Travellers want to life in the moment, and don’t want to lose lots of time with keeping track of their trip and organising their photos.

The solution

I wanted to create a product that would automatically follow your trip, and this way create your own personalised logbook. This logbook could also be shared with others, what would create a community of backpackers.

About Odyssey

Odyssey is a wearable in the form of a bracelet that keeps track of your journey, saves your dearest memories, and connects you to other travellers. This wearable is connected to an app that visualises your adventure, without you needing to put any effort in it yourself.



The wearable keeps track of your location through GPS and sends this via WiFi to the corresponding app, so that you get to see an overview of the route you have travelled.


When you’re on a special location or making a beautiful memory, you can push a button on the wearable and save that moment. This will be visualised as a mark on your map.


The app automatically uploads photos, videos and memos taken at the marked places. You also get to see the content of other travellers who’ve visited this region. 


You can connect your wearable to the wearables of other travellers, so you can see in the app where you’ve met them along the way and stay in touch.


Odyssey is a place where travellers can come together to save and share their story with other travellers and their friends and family back home.