The company

Kayo Sports is an Australian sports streaming service, created by its big sister company Fox Sports. Being the “Netflix of sport”, Kayo streams all kinds of sports from all over the world, which you can watch live, rewatch later, or find a summarised version of, called Kayo Mini’s. They also stream talkshows and documentaries, mostly from Australian origin.

The job

With new sport matches coming up every day, Kayo’s content is constantly changing and needs to stay up to date. My job within the content design team was to create posters and a tile for every new match coming up, by using various templates made for desktop, tablet and mobile. Also images used for shows and documentaries needed to be updated on the regular to attract new viewers.

Tile designs

For tiles, it’s important to make them look inviting and carry the essence of the show, without giving too much away. Also simplicity is an important aspect, as there is lots of visible content on the product. This is why most tiles have one main colour, one image and one title.

Cropping and colour grading

Kayo Sports is a bold, powerful and emotional brand. We had to represent this by cropping into high quality images of sportsmen in action to capture the emotion, and colour grade them to vibrant, high contrast images that popped off the screen. 

Because Kayo is a multiplatform service, it could be challenging to make everything fit for both tv, desktop, tablet and mobile. Especially on tv, blacks and whites can easily get amplified, and increased colour saturation can make skin tones seem unnatural. That’s why it was necessary to keep on checking the product and testing the designs on tv screens and other devices.

Also cropping can be tricky, as one image might fit for one device, but not for the other. We want to crop close into the action, but not too close, as cropped off limbs can easily look weird. That’s why with some sports, for example basketball, where players stretch their arms up to make a goal, it’s hard to find an image that both fits within the product and shows the action.