The assignment

This assignment was about creating awareness for the work of an artist of choice in the form of an interactive product. The artist I’d chosen was Anton Corbijn, known for his gloomy, grainy black and white photography. This creates a really dramatic effect, which I find very interesting.

The target group

Young people nowadays prefer to visually communicate with each other in the form of photos and videos. Apps like Snapchat and Instagram are big examples in this matter. Despite their big interest in visual content, most youngsters know nothing about Anton Corbijn, what made this a very interesting group to create a concept for.

About Photomaker

The concept I came up with is an app that gives you and your friends challenges to photograph something in Anton Corbijn’s style. Once you’ve made the photo you were challenged to make, you can adjust things like the contrast, lightning, colours and graininess, so you can turn your photo into a real Anton Corbijn photo.


As soon as you’ve made the photo, you get 10 points. The more challenges you’ve completed, the more points you get. Other people can like and comment on your content as well. One like is equal to one extra point. The more points you get, the greater your publicity.


Photographers get photo assignments all the time. With these challenges, you get a feeling of how it is to be a real photographer and at the same time learn more about photo editing.